Books by Paul


The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook is your guide to understanding how renewable energy systems work and why investing in energy efficiency is – usually – the best place to start controlling your energy costs. Learn the latest strategies to make your home lean and green!

This book is your resource for understanding how to use solar, wind, hydro, biodiesel, biogas, and even woodgas to meet your energy needs.


The Home Energy Diet covers all the basics of home energy use and efficiency. It’s the perfect primer on getting the basics down. Whether you’re an aspiring energy auditor or savvy homeowner, this book is for you!


The Energy Ambassador is a short story about my trip to Cuba in 2011 to understand their energy systems and recovery from a sudden shortage of oil and economic downturn starting in the 1980s. A few years later, a Cuban colleague visited Vermont where we toured a number of interesting energy projects. I learned more about myself than about energy.

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My Life Off-Grid is a first-hand account of how I got started on the off-grid life, what it’s meant for my lifestyle, and what it’s like to have a hands-on relationship with energy. And you’ll meet some of the great characters who make their way as homesteaders in rural Vermont.