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I bought my first solar electric panel back in 1988, wired it to an old motorcycle battery and made an off-grid, DC powered room in the house I rented. I was hooked!

In 1990 I started one of the nation’s first electric car conversion companies – it was a quick way to go broke back then! Our converted electric Saab 96 came in first place for efficiency in the commuter category.

My experience has since grown in all areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy ranging from solar electric and wind power installations, to making and using biodiesel and biogas, along with thousands of energy improvement inspections for homes and small businesses. I’ve even been a guest (twice) on Ask This Old House.  Recent projects include efficiency program design and analysis for utilities and state regulators.

I’m currently working to share my knowledge and experience by helping high school students and general audiences understand what it takes to make and use their own energy. In today’s pre-packaged world, it’s a new and exciting experience to actually develop a relationship with your energy sources.

Since 1992, I’ve lived in Vermont in a modern, renewably energized homestead. The only power outages I’ve experienced have been my own fault! You too can live a thoughtful, ultra-efficient lifestyle, while lacking nothing in the way of modern conveniences. Find out how you can green up your home or business by dropping me a line.

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