The Energy Use, Savings, Analysis, and Valuation Estimator from Parsec Energy

Made by Energy Professionals, for Energy Professionals!


EUSAVE is a web based, building energy analysis and reporting tool, designed for you, the energy-smart contractor. EUSAVE’s comprehensive, modular approach offers decision makers multiple ways to understand, compare, and evaluate energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades in all types of buildings. A built-in, editable customer report offers valuable, actionable information you can present to your clients. Utility program managers will appreciate the regulator-ready savings data output function.

EUSAVE was developed with the goal of providing more realistic savings estimates through straight-forward data entry, allowing users to quickly and accurately model and evaluate building energy improvements across a broad spectrum of important metrics. Unique to EUSAVE is the ‘true-up’ function that reconciles the building’s modeled energy use with actual delivered energy consumption. True-up allows savings estimates to be based on real energy use history, helping to alleviate the trend of most energy modeling tools to over-estimate savings, making EUSAVE ideal for use with building energy retrofits. The tool will even disaggregate billing history into heating, cooling, hot water, and baseload consumption!

EUSAVE takes a modular approach to efficiency improvement categories. It is designed to deliver meaningful results to novice and advanced users while requiring only the most important inputs – no need to build vast libraries of building components! Once initial entries are completed, minimal user input is required to characterize and analyze multiple upgrades, so you can evaluate individual measures or the entire home.

Guidance is provided via help text on each screen, through video tutorials on YouTube, and by way of the interactive user forum. Greater understanding of building energy systems yields more accurate modeling results. We highly recommend professional building science training through the Building Performance Institute, RESNET, and the Home Performance Coalition.