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Parsec Energy Consulting offers several energy inspection services depending upon your need, interest, and level of commitment to reducing energy use. We can provide a complete home energy audit, advise you on renewable energy strategies, and inspect the equipment in off-grid homes. Your expert energy advisor has over 25 years of professional experience as an energy auditor, energy efficiency and renewable energy consultant, author, and workshop leader.

Why Invest in a Home Energy Inspection?

When you buy a house, price is important, but ongoing operating expenses can add up. A home energy inspection will help you understand how your home uses – and loses – energy. You’ll get customized guidance to reduce energy costs specific to your home. Incorporating energy upgrades into a mortgage or home improvement loan can be a cost-effective strategy to lowering monthly costs. Expert advice will help you to make an informed decision.

Stretch your debt-to-income ratio! Ask your banker about Energy Efficient Mortgage products from Fannie Mae, FHA, and the VA that can help you update your home, reduce monthly costs, get efficient, increase comfort, reduce your carbon footprint, AND stretch your debt-to-income ratio. In Vermont, learn more about energy improvement financing from Efficiency Vermont. It all starts with a home energy inspection.

Basic Energy Assessment (BEA)

Visual inspection and assessment of all energy related components of the home. This service provides an evaluation of insulation levels (where accessible), heating and cooling system(s), water heating, electrical appliances, and lighting. This is a checklist based evaluation of existing conditions and action items of upgrade options to consider. Client participation is highly encouraged. A basic report of findings will be emailed, or you may choose to have a full written report with full analysis at additional cost.

Thermal Imaging scan $50 add-on to BEA

$250 stand-alone
Infrared cameras measure surface temperature and can effectively “see” where heat is escaping from the house. Infrared images can pinpoint cold air drafts and reveal insulation problems hidden inside walls. Infrared imaging is most effective when there is at least a 10°F difference between indoors and out. Coupled with a blower door test, this is a very effective way to find energy losses in the thermal envelope of the building.

Air Leakage test $100 add-on to BEA

$250 stand-alone
An air leakage test (also known as a “blower door” test) uses a large exhaust fan to measure the home’s air leakage rate. This test makes it possible to find most air leaks that result in uncomfortable drafts and costly heat loss. Coupled with thermal imaging, this is a very effective way to find energy losses in the thermal envelope of the building.

Comprehensive Analytical Report

$150 add-on to BEA
A full, written report of inspection results with photos, cost and savings analysis, and customized, prioritized improvement options specific to your home. The difference between this report and the basic report prepared for the BEA is the level of detail and addition of cost-effectiveness analysis that may be needed to make significant financial decisions.

Renewable Energy Systems

$100 add-on to BEA, $250 stand-alone
Existing grid-tied or off-grid systems will be evaluated to assess operational performance, installation quality, system integrity, and safety of energy generating equipment. We are qualified to assess solar electric systems, wind generators, fossil-fueled generators, batteries, and interconnection safety devices. Checklist provided with results and comments.

Solar Site Analysis

$75 add-on to BEA or remote (web based) inspection
Considering solar panels to help offset electric use? You’ll want to evaluate your property’s potential for solar energy production. This service includes a survey of siting options, and a report detailing the energy production and cost savings that can be realized by generating electricity from the sun.

Additional Energy Services

NEST Pro Installer – Smart systems for the connected home! Installation of wi-fi connected thermostats, smoke and CO alarms, indoor and outdoor security cameras.
Site Sage energy monitor installation – Monitor individual electrical circuits, PV system production, temperature and air quality data, gas and water flow, and send live information to a web dashboard or your smartphone.
Energy Consulting – customized analysis for home and business
Homeowner’s Energy Handbook – A signed copy of your guide to energy efficiency and renewable energy in the home $20

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