EUSAVE for Contractors

Energy savings helps sell jobs!

Generate a custom report for your customer that show costs, savings, and return on investment

  • Brand the report with your company name and logo
  • Choose boiler-plate text or edit for the specific project
  • Upload your own photos or graphs

Retrofit Projects – easily and accurately model existing and proposed energy use, compare options and benefits, and generate a customized report for your customer
New Construction – compare long-term cost-effectiveness of various build packages
Savings automatically reported to your utility program manager
Model the entire building, or just the components you want to upgrade
Energy use history entries help you automatically disaggregate energy used for heat, hot water, and air conditioning
“True-Up” function aligns actual heating energy use to your whole-building heat loss model
Even the auto-generated values allow you to over-write and enter more accurate data when you have it
Contextual help text associated with specific inputs
Simple component entries where greater entry detail results in greater accuracy
Cloud-based tool – no updates to manage, works with any device anywhere you have internet access
Familiar spreadsheet-like screen view
Online tutorials
User forum where you can ask your questions and search for help