I am working with the ZEN! program and wanted to get back into EUSAVE. I don’t quite remember how I got into the actual program last time but I managed it. So I log into the parsecenergy.com page…get in and it sends me to the EUSAVE program…right??? No, it sends me to the EUSAVE forum. Hmmm. Where do I click to get back into the actual program?

I figure I can find a button that will actually start the program under the EUSAVE menu button…right?   Click EUSAVE…get a menu list that is flashy and lights up when I hover over the menu items.  Start the EUSAVE Program…that should do it….but that does nothing. Literally nothing . There is a bit of text about what a great program it is, but no actual link to start the thing.   Can you help by making a button under the EUSAVE menu that says “Click here to start the program” or something like that?